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Blankets are used to keep people warm when the temperature drops. However, while being different products, they are often confused with each other.

Blankets refer to a large piece of cloth that is used to cover the body or as a covering for beds. Often made from wool, they are known to be thick and trap heat once wrapped around the body.

A quilt is a cloth that features three layers that have been sewn together. Often featuring a patchwork of smaller fabric pieces, they are used as bedcovers. Also, since they are light in weight and have a breathable design, they are considered ideal for both summer and winter.

A Wide Variety of Blankets

Whether you are a fan of ethnic motifs or simple modern designs, the collection of blankets, quilts and dohars have the needs of every consumer addressed. Available for both single and double beds, you can find options varying in thickness that suits changing seasonal preferences too.

n terms of fabrics, you can take your pick from popular options such as cotton, fleece and wool blankets, to name a few. As for fillings, you can choose between cotton and microfibre options.

Tips to consider when buying Blankets

All the blankets, quilts dohars mentioned before are designed for your comfort during the colder days. However, each product has its own distinct specialities that sets them apart from the other. Hence, here are some tips which you could help you pick the ideal blankets, quilts dohars.

If your rooms decor is minimalistic, keep in sync with the rooms vibe by opting for a solid colour queen or king-size blankets. Also, keep the colour contrast in mind as the techniques help the bed stand out in the room, enriching the rooms overall visual style. For example, if your room has a predominately white colour palette, opt for darker shades of your desired colour for the blanket

When it comes to quilts, traditional motifs are an incredibly popular style. Also, if you wish to diversify in terms of styles, there are a number of ways to do it.

Our recommendation would be to pick quilts as per the colours of your walls. For example, if your wall has a darker colour shade, opt for a pastel coloured quilt and vice versa.

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So, if you seek a warm blanket or any of the traditional options.

Apart from quilts and other warm coverings, you can use many items to further enhance your home decor. In order to help you explore the possibilities in terms of decor and utility, we explore the benefits of some of the other popular home decor products available on the platform.